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RE: [IPk] Did anyone else receive a letter like this?


I received a similar letter a letter 10 months after my
application, although I did have the support of my consultant
their was insufficient funding at the hsopital for me (I was
out of area).  I was also told that that the trust did not
fund consumables for items that had been purchased by the
patient rather than the NHS.  I phoned and requested an
outline of their appeals process and they gave me a name and
an address to write to.  I wrote and pointed out that:

1.  funding was not available at the hospital although my
consultant supported my application and 

2:  that I bought a pen when on MDI and the NHS paid for the
needles (eventually!).  I bought a blood glucose meter and
the NHS paid for the srips etc etc

They then wrote back and told me that cases like mine which
fell outside of their usual guidelines were considered by a
special committee and that my case would be referred.  That
committee met last friday and I am waiting to hear.

Don't give up


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> Subject: [IPk] Did anyone else receive a letter like this?
> Hello everyone
> You might remember that I wrote a letter to the Primary
> Trust requesting 
> funding for a pump for my daughter Danielle.  Well, this is

> their response:-
> Further to your letter, I would like to confirm that
> pump therapy can 
> only be arranged via the hospital currently managing 
> Danielle's care.  It is, 
> of course, inappropriate for Cheshire West Primary Care
> to purchase 
> equipment directly because clinical records are not held by
> organisation.
> I would therefore like to suggest that you contact your 
> daughter's Consultant 
> to discuss whether insulin pump therapy is clinically 
> indicated.  If a trial 
> is recommended by Dr. (Danielle's doctor), then Mid
> Hospitals will 
> be able to arrange this and discuss any funding
> with the Primary 
> Care Trust directly.
> From the Director of Commissioning & Strategy.
> First of all, I know Danielle's Consultant knows nothing 
> about the pump but 
> he said he would still see her at clinic as long as the
> is looked after 
> elsewhere (ie, the 24-hour support that comes along with
>  By the sounds 
> of this letter, maybe funding is a definite "no no" because

> the Consultant is 
> not going to be indicating that it is needed.
> Barbara
> Barbara
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