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[IPk] John Neale reappearing...

>John Neale (who has been
>quiet of late) has stated that he feels the pump has cured him of diabetes,
>as much as it can be cured these days. (John, correct me if my paraphrase is

Hi elizabeth -

This is John Neale reappearing :-)

Yes - I have been somewhat quiet of late. This was caused by my darling
2-year-old son immersing the transformer for my laptop into a large jug of
drinking water. Everything went splat - although thankfully no one was
injured. I waited a couple of days for the transformer to dry out, but no
luck. As we were due to move house back to Freiburg 2 days after that, I
chose to wait until we were back home before I started reordering computer
components :-(

And yes - you paraphrase me correctly. That was how I felt after I elected
to start on a pump - crikey - nearly 5 years ago. I actually saw a private
diabetes specialist. Best hundred pounds I ever spent. I continued to get
insulin and testing strips free from my Bristol GP, but I had to purchase
the pump and infusion sets etc privately from MiniMed. A year later my wife
and I moved to Germany, where state health insurance covers pumps and
supplies 100%, so my financial worries were over.

Having been there, I know it is a very awkward position to be in: do I
spend yet another 5 quid changing the infusion set, or do I raise my basal
rates and hang out for another day or two. It's great when you can
genuinely seperate health and financial decisions.

For many people, the more often you change your infusion set, the better it
is in the long run. Cannulas after a few days do damage the flesh they are
in, and once removed, scar tissue forms deep under the skin. Next time you
use this area, absorbtion may not be quite so regular. I don't mean to be
alarmist, but it would be silly to have to give up pumping in 10 years time
because of shortcuts you took years ago.

Oh, Tony, I had a minor pump disaster yesterday... I rose from the toilet
in the morning, and dropped my pump on the floor and the complete end of
the cartridge that sticks out of a 507 sheared off!!! Took 5 minutes to
refill everything - but no bubbles :-)


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