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Re: [IPk] Help!

your situation is difficult but not impossible. I would suggest doing some 
homework on pumping so that you are absolutely clear about why and how a pump 
could help you - the Pumping Insulin book by Walsh and Roberts                
         is excellent and also the information on the UK Pumpers website. 
This helps you to put forward your viewpoint confidently should there be any 
debate with a consultant etc. Then you can ask your GP to refer you to a 
consultant/clinic who is positive about pumping - again a bit of homework 
will be useful and you may need to be prepared to travel outside your 
immediate area -  John Davis at Input (see contact details on Pumpers 
website) may be able to help re clinics. I have always taken the view that if 
the clinic or consultant I am seeing is not helpful then I will ask to be 
referred elsewhere, and this has always been possible. 

Whatever your rights as a patient are, it is always really helpful to know 
your facts so that you can't be 'dictated to'!! When I was going through all 
this myself my consultant told me that pumping was 'just another way of 
taking insulin' - I was able to explain to him that there was more to it than 
that and he agreed to support my trying a pump. I don't think he necessarily 
agreed with my viewpoint but at least I had logic and determination behind 
me!!! If he hadn't been prepared to sign off on my going onto a pump, I would 
have gone back to my GP and asked to be referred to someone else.

Grrrr, shouldn't be this difficult !!!

Good luck. Living with sugars which fluctuate wildly is no fun at all. Above 
all, be determined - you'll get there.

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