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[IPk] Re: Diet plea

In a message dated 6/9/2002 9:20:40 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> . I find that restricting carb really helps but whilst 
> trying to do this may well need lucozade along the way which isn't exactly 
> low carb!! Does anyone feel it is worth the risk of running bgs slightly 
> higher to lose weight ie around 8-10. I have never seriously voluntarily 
> excercised in my life but plucked up the courage to go to the gym and 
> thoroughly enjoyed it- I even managed to keep my bg at 6- 6.8 throughout

Hi Carmel,
In general, weight loss should be easier with pumping (but note Michael's 
recent points) as you have more control and can cut down on carb and general 
intake by reducing insulin. (I can talk! - I don't have the self-control to 
cut down on or cut out many of those nice things in life...) You shouldn't 
have to use lucozade regularly, you must be using too much insulin at some 
point, or perhaps doing what some of us do, not allowing for slow absorption 
from fatty / high fibre foods, going hypo and having to give more CHO then 
going high and having to give more insulin (this cycle can wreck control, 
never mind weight loss attempts).  You have to work out where the problem is. 
But basically, if you're gaining weight, you're eating too much; if you're 
not losing weight, you're eating more than you need to lose weight.  It's 
that simple.  It is never worth the risk of running bgs higher to try to lose 
weight (I wish I could achieve the levels you suggest!) but a) you won't lose 
weight with these levels anyway, and b) to go higher would be foolhardy, even 
only for a few weeks (and if you're very overweight, it wouldn't be just a 
few weeks!).  I think exercise is very important for general health, not just 
losing weight, and we should all try to do enough.  Well done for going to 
the gym - and you enjoyed it too!

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