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[IPk] Diet-a plea

Unfortunately, I have the misfortune to be very overweight and type 1, I am 
now at the age where people think I am type 2. I really hoped the pump would 
help me lose weight but I do think more intense contol makes it harder. I 
started to tweak my basals while ago to reduce my overall insulin intake 
which can be as high as 110 units. This gives really good bgs and some mild 
hypos but does not help with weight loss. My consultant advised me to 
increase my basals which go up to as high as 2.6 to cover the dawn 
phenomenen to reduce my hba1c. I am torn as I really want to lose weight. It 
is such a fine line. I find that restricting carb really helps but whilst 
trying to do this may well need lucozade along the way which isn't exactly 
low carb!! Does anyone feel it is worth the risk of running bgs slightly 
higher to lose weight ie around 8-10. I have never seriously voluntarily 
excercised in my life but plucked up the courage to go to the gym and 
thoroughly enjoyed it- I even managed to keep my bg at 6- 6.8 throughout. I 
guess that it was minimal in terms of workout compared to you serious 
exercise fanatics but a start for me!! I have always enjoyed walking as I 
have a dog.
I guess I am not strict enough with calorie restriction  and count carbs but 
maybe that is where I am going wrong I love good food but my waistline cant 
afford me to enjoy too much of it . By the way Pat mussels - according to 
Atkins are high carb. Carmel - definately NOT fat and happy

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