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[IPk] Bolusing for alcohol

And don't get me started on why alcoholic drinks in this country don't have 
carbohydrate values on them

Well said Pat.....

I have discovered, as part of my continuing education on carbohydate 
counting and subsequent bolusing using my pump, that I need to bolus for 
certain alcoholic drinks.  I enjoy the odd pint of Guinness for which I 
bolus 2 units (Humalog).  Obviously this is a particularly carbohydrate-rich 
drink, but I find that 1 unit of Humalog is needed for a pint of 
Fosters/Kronenbourg, and definitely the sweeter beers such as Becks and 
Cobra (soemtimes in bottles).  For some red wines (Shiraz, Cabernet esp.) 
which are sweet, I need 1 unit of Humalog per glass.  My insulin/Carbs ratio 
is 10/1

I always used to wonder why I felt tired following a couple of pints of beer 
- I assumed that this was an effect of the alcohol, but now know that this 
was my blood glucose rising.  Over a few blood tests when I was out, I 
discovered this pattern.

I hasten to add that I reduce my basal rate if I have drunk more than 6 
units (which happens on occasion, tho you may not tell your Diabetic nurse, 
who is living in fantasy land!).  I normally reduce the rate from 100% to 
80% on the Disetronic pump for about 8 hours, or until I wake up in the 
morning.  This seems to prevent overnight hypos.

  I appreciate that taking insulin for alcoholic beverages is controversial 
advice for many, but is essential to keep my blood glucose more steady, 
especially since many of us have a drink in the evening, and this can 
elevate BG for the whole night.



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