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Re: [IPk] RE: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi again Bev

I hope everything turns out ok.  Even if the diagnosis is RA there are
drugs/treatment, if things get worse that may enable you to continue running.

My husband used to do running and really loved it but had to stop because of
repeated knee and ankle problems. (not arthritis) He was really upset.  But
then a couple of years ago some mutual friends were talking about riding from
Land's End to John O'Groats.  I said to Terry that he ought to have a go and
he dismissed it at first, although all the others going were desk bound
sedentary guys.  Anyway he got interested and bought himself a bike, started
riding and ended up doing the ride by himself, ( the others chickened out! )
3 years ago and raised money for Diabetes UK.  He now rides with the local
cycling club and is off next week to Scotland to do the ride the other way, he
is going with a 67 year old chap!

So if the worse comes to the worse there may be other sports which would may
be able to replace running.   Like swimming.  Sorry, I know if you are into
running or a particular sport it is crushing to have to think that you many
have to stop.

Take care


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> Hi
> Thanks for all the messages regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis.
> Centre or M&S!
> >>Finally, if you're in the top 25 for anything
> before the diagnosis is made, getting it sorted should push
> you further UP
> the rankings, not the other way!<<
> Many thanks Tony for the positive thinking.  I am generally a
> very positive person.  I like a challenge which is probably
> why being a diabetic has made me the person I am.  You get
> used to fighting from an early age and it becomes a way of
> life - nothing stands in your way!  I can handle the
> stiffness and the discomfort so long as I can still run.
> Giving up running would be very hard.  If anyone had told me
> two years ago that I would be this evangelical about exercise
> I would have laughed in their face!  But it is amazing how
> little by little it transforms your life.  You feel so much
> better, you look better and you have so much more energy.  I
> have 2 chldren (7 and 4), I am at my desk at 8 am and leave
> at 5.00 pm (to spend some time with my kids!).  I used to be
> asleep on the sofa at 9 pm.  Now I often work in the evening
> after the kids are in bed or I go out with friends because I
> have the energy that I never used to have.  Before I had a
> pump running was difficult - BGM's sky high after 4 miles,
> now with the pump I can do 10 miles and start and finish with
> a normal BGM - fantastic!
> Bev
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