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RE: [IPk] RE: Rheumatoid Arthritis


Thanks for all the messages regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis.

>>(who wonders, did I meet you on a bricklaying course in
Camberley a
while back???)<<

Not me Pat.  I have done a lot of things but never any
bricklaying.  It does sound like a good idea though.  I don't
live far from Camberley but you are more likely to catch me
in the Leisure Centre or M&S!

>>Finally, if you're in the top 25 for anything
before the diagnosis is made, getting it sorted should push
you further UP
the rankings, not the other way!<<

Many thanks Tony for the positive thinking.  I am generally a
very positive person.  I like a challenge which is probably
why being a diabetic has made me the person I am.  You get
used to fighting from an early age and it becomes a way of
life - nothing stands in your way!  I can handle the
stiffness and the discomfort so long as I can still run.
Giving up running would be very hard.  If anyone had told me
two years ago that I would be this evangelical about exercise
I would have laughed in their face!  But it is amazing how
little by little it transforms your life.  You feel so much
better, you look better and you have so much more energy.  I
have 2 chldren (7 and 4), I am at my desk at 8 am and leave
at 5.00 pm (to spend some time with my kids!).  I used to be
asleep on the sofa at 9 pm.  Now I often work in the evening
after the kids are in bed or I go out with friends because I
have the energy that I never used to have.  Before I had a
pump running was difficult - BGM's sky high after 4 miles,
now with the pump I can do 10 miles and start and finish with
a normal BGM - fantastic!


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