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Hi all, 
DAFNE stands for Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating and is very succesful in Germany - has been for 20 years!
You attend a five day course at hospital where you are introduced to pens, modern testers etc and are taught to look at your sugars, look at what you want to eat and determine how much insulin you need.

DAFNE was 'sold' to me as being able to eat what I want, when I want. If I don't want Breakfast I don't have to have it etc. Hence the excitement at being able to diet for weight loss (Weight Watchers here I come!) They also say that hypos should be reduced by a third and HBA1cs should come down by 1 - 1.5 %
Yes, it does involve up to 5 injections a day - but I am doing that already and having, usually, 2 lows a day - or going for three or four days above 15 all the time. So I think it is a good thing for me to try! It is only for type 1 adults at the moment, but they are working on it for type 2 adults I beleive. And as for where is it available:
It is already in
Kings College Hospital - London
Northern General Hospital - Sheffield
North Tyneside - Northumbria
and has been for about 3 years.
It is starting soon / has recently started in
Addenbrookes Hospital - Cambridge
University Hospital - Nottingham
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary
Central Middlesex Hospital
Bridlington District Hospital
Leicester Royal Infirmary - Yeay!
Northampton General Hospital

I hope this info is useful and I will keep you updated, because if this doesn't work I will be saving for a pump!
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