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Re: [IPk] Alternative site testing meter


I have found that I get a high error rate, "not enough blood" when I use it on
Sasha. I didn't matter too much before as Medisense were providing free strips
but I dont want to be wasting so many when I get them on prescription or the
GP will start asking questions. I was also told that its essential to use a
new lancet each time as well.  We don't change the finger pricker ones that

I still like the meter though and I am glad I have it.

Did you get your Lifescan from the clinic or did you buy it?  Are the strips
available on prescription now?

Thanks Andrew


> Joanne/Jackie,
> The Lifescan meter is the new One Touch Ultra.  It costs #15 & is one of
> the tiniest I've ever seen.  The kit is a meter plus a finger pricker.
> The pricker has 2 different caps, one for fingers and one for arms, etc.
> The lancets are available on prescription.  Sam is now using this as a
> spare for school and for other activities away from home.  He finds it
> very easy to use himself as it uses a tiny blood sample, sucks it up by
> capillary action and gives the result in 5 seconds.
> We also have a Softsense, but find the Lifescan much more reliable.  The
> Softsense doesn't seem to work very well on Sam's arms, but is OK for
> adults.
> Hope this helps.
> Andrew
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