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[IPk] Diet

In a message dated 6/8/2002 6:59:31 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Carbohydrate counting is considered too difficult for normal people.  I
> think the medical profession somehow got a bit confused between
> misunderstanding and non-compliance (goodness, didn't they know that
> people say 'I didn't understand' when what they mean is 'I didn't want
> to do that'???).  Why would people not want to carbohydrate count?
> Because in the past it was often decreed 'count, and make sure that you
> have 50g CHO (or some such) on your plate.  They forgot (ha!) to explain
> that you can have half the CHO and half the insulin, or twice the CHO
> and twice the insulin, if you feel like it! 

Too right!  Did I really believe this and the "oh, you must have this amount 
of CHO split these ways each day" philosophy for 20+ years?!!  I'd often 
thought of changing the regime, half the CHO and half the insulin etc, but 
the daily plan was so deeply ingrained that I seldom dared to do it. OK, on 
once daily insulin you've not got much leeway, but even on twice daily 
insulin and certainly MDI you can try things out.  Later on I did experiment 
a bit, but on those occasions when I admitted to "playing around" with my CHO 
and insulin doses I received the "bad diabetic" lecture...  I am fortunate 
that the current members of my local diabetic team have a progressive 
attitude and are innovative and supportive, but I suspect that many 
departments don't have this view.

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