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Re: [IPk] RE: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear Bev,

What a dreadful time.  Don't beat yourself up for denial!  As with
diabetes, and any bad stuff, the denial/anger/sorrow/acceptance all
cycles around.  It's normal [kind of a bitter irony in that, isn't

Perhaps there is someone on the US group who is managing both dm and ra?
Partly as a follow-up to Abigail's post too: I guess ra is very much
like diabetes - the way one would talk to 'insiders' is very different
to the way one would talk to 'outsiders' about it. To the outsiders,
there are all the myths of the super-crip, assumptions about what can
and cannot be done to be challenged, etc.  It does help to talk with
people who don't have all that baggage.

Enjoy your leadership course - please have a cheese-and-ginger pancake
for me ('Ik zou graag een kaus en gember pannekoek hebben!' I think it
is).  They may not remember that you are a diabetic any more, but I bet
that it is, in part, your experiences as a person with a chronic
condition which has got you to where you are now (kind of like saying
that they don't remember you are a woman any more!).

Best wishes,

(who wonders, did I meet you on a bricklaying course in Camberley a
while back???)

In message <email @ redacted>,
Smith, Beverley <email @ redacted> writes
>Sorry to have been a bit quiet for the last few weeks but 2
>weeks ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis or at
>least I think I was as My GP (more of a friend than a GP) was
>unable to look me in the eye and seemed to be more in denial
>than me!  I did send an e-mail a few weeks back asking if
>anyone had suffered with swollen joints.  I do a lot of
>running (6 to 10 miles at a time!) so sore feet and knees are
>a fairly regular occurrence however when it spread to stiff
>fingers and elbows then it became clear that I had a problem.
>My sister was diagnosed with RA 8 yrs ago (she is 35) and as
>it is an auto-immune problem like type 1 diabetes it seemed
>to be the logical explanation.  My GP arranged some tests but
>told me that in his opinion it was extremely unlikely as it
>is not a hereditary condition.  The tests came back and he
>called me back to explain that the test results were all
>normal except the rheumatoid factor which was "raised".  I
>asked him what raised meant - were we talking the high side
>of normal or higher?  He told me that normal is 20 or less
>and mine was 300!  I took this to be a positive diagnosis.
>Since then I have required some powerful anti-inflammatory
>drugs(maximum dose and still stiff) and am waiting to see a
>specialist (6 weeks even with BUPA).  Anyway running still
>helps.  It loosens me up and it is now probably the only time
>that I feel normal.  I am hoping to run my first (and maybe
>only)half marathon at the end of September - depending on
>what the specialist says (actually that's a lie I will do it
>unless it is physically impossible regardless of what he
>I don't really know why I am writing this except it is
>cathartic!  I have told very few people, certainly no-one at
>work!  I have been selected as one of the top 25 performers
>in the UK and will go to the Netherlands in September for a
>weeks leadership training course.  They no longer even think
>of me as diabetic, don't even notice the pump.  I am
>certainly not going to tell them I now have 2 chronic
>conditions unless I have to.  Anyway if anyone else out there
>has diabetes and RA I would be interested to hear from you.
>I have been told by my GP that some of the treatments (the
>more toxic, immuno-suppressants) may not be open to a
>diabetic, but as someone told me last week that diabetics
>couldn't have their legs waxed I will take that with a pinch
>of salt until the specialist tells me otherwise! I don't want
>to look on arthritis sites for diabetics as at the moment I
>regard myself as a diabetic with RA rather than the other way
>round.  This is an important psychological distinction I
>think - or perhaps a clear sign of denial!
>My sister has now been told that her RA is probably Lupus,
>which is similar but the inflammation now affects not only
>her joints but her blood vessels also (there is a risk that
>major organs may become affected).  Her blood vessels are
>leaking giving her very painful chilblain-like symptoms on
>both her hands and feet.  I hope my GP is right about no
>genetic link otherwise my blood vessels are going to be under
>attack from 2 conditions.
>Anyway if anyone has any advice I would be pleased to hear of
>it.  If anyone knows of anyone running marathons with RA I
>would be overjoyed to hear about it.  At least when you look
>on a diabetes website there are plenty of diabetic sports
>people.  I cannot find any on the arthritis sites.  Exercise
>is encouraged but in moderation - swimming is best but its
>not me I afraid.  I am the fittest, thinnest and healthiest I
>have ever been (thanks to the pump).  I run 3 times a week
>usually for an hour each time.  I have lost over a stone in
>weight and I have a lot of energy.  I intend to stay this way
>but maybe I'll need that Canadian surgeon for my knees that
>Alan Shearer used - Anyone know his name?!.
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