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Re: [IPk] Diet

I would dearly love to go on a DAFNE course but they are only run in certain
areas and to meet the criteria you have to be an adult and willing to go on to
MDI etc, etc.  It's my daughter who is D so that rules me out.  I could
certainly do with a course to hone up my skills.

Our clinic don't teach exchanges or carb counting.  It seems that someone has
decreed it out of fashion.  I was only when subscribing to other
children/parents lists that I realised that in the rest of the civilised world
that carb counting or portion estimating was the norm.  I only know what I
have picked up from others on support lists.  I daren't even mention that I
carb count at my clinic for fear that I will be branded as an obsessive

DAFNE is an attempt to bring back some control and tell you how to include
everything that you want to eat in your diet just like the diet you had before
diabetes came along.

For anyone who doesn't know what DAFNE is here is a link


I hope you have a very useful time on the course.  Let us know how it goes.

Mum of Sasha aged 8

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> Hi everyone, I have been reading with interest the comments on Diabetic
Diets, and the fact that they don't exist. I was diagnosed three years ago,
but I was told that I should have the same diet as a non diabetic, just spread
over the day. Of course it didn't work like that, the portion sizes stayed the
same, and I just added snacks! Hence the desperate need to loose weight. But I
was never told about carbohydrate counting, in fact the impression I got was
that no one did that any more ... is this not the case? However, I was
wondering how many of you had heard of DAFNE? I am going on the course in a
few weeks, where I will be taught to look at the carb content of what I want
to eat!!! I am really excited about it!!!
> :-)
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