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Re: [IPk] coeliac disease

Hello Mandy

I am diabetic and so is my daughter Danielle (aged 8 now) and if you want to 
know the full story, go to www.childrenwithdiabetes.com and look on the left 
at 'People' and then 'Parents' Voices' and my story is there.  

As for coping with it better when I am already diabetic and my child getting 
it, I found that I coped worse at the beginning because I knew what she was 
'in for' whereas when a parent sees their child constantly ill and then the 
hospital tell them what it is (and that there is treatment) it is better for 
them.  I mean, they now know what it wrong with their child and they start to 
learn about how to treat them.  In my case, my daughter was diagnosed and it 
hit me like a tonne of bricks (but a lot worse than that).  

In saying all that, I think she has been in a better position because her mum 
has it, her uncle and auntie and so many others so she definitely doesn't 
feel alone.  The thing is, there is absolutely nobody at her school and they 
ask her lots of questions.  It's good because they are learning about it as 
well, but it is sometimes too much for Danielle.

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