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Re: [IPk] coeliac disease

Hi Mandy

I am glad to hear that you haven't got coeliacs but it was just a thought.
It's not as bad to cope with as I first thought although going out to eat
anywhere on the spur of the moment is difficult.  Most places just don't even
know what coeliac is let alone be able to tell me what the  have that would be
safe to eat.

14 must have been a very difficult age to be diagnosed.  I always thought that
to be diagnosed at puberty must be worse, from a child's point of view than it
is for a younger child.  Though of course it's much harder on the parents of
very young children and there is the added worry that of course they will have
had D for even longer.

It could be they are testing for a condition that affects the adrenal glands
in some diabetics, that can cause wild fluctuations in blood sugar levels. I
have read a bit about theses tests, because Sasha has celiac it means she is a
at risk for developing thyroid problems  and also another condition that
affects the  adrenal glands that produce cortisone.  Your Drs might just want
to check this out, it may be a routine test along with thyroid and celiac that
they should run tests for if you have diabetes.   Like we said they may just
be stalling about you having an insulin pump.


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> Hi Jackie
> Its funny you mention coeliac disease because i have been investigated for
> this and fortunatley do not suffer .  The reason for being investigated for
> coeliacs was that they found out i was aneamic and as i have always been
> anaemic when pregnant they thought that perhaps it has always been a
>  The tests I am being sent for, I was told, are to do with natural steroids
> and that i am afraid is all i know (they're not very forthcoming with
> information are they).  The stalling factor seems quite possible.
> I was 14 when I was diagnosed which is quite a bit older than Emily and I
> have always admired the parents of such young children on how they cope.
> Being a mum myself the thought of any of my children having to cope with
> seems just too hard to even think about(hope that sentance makes sense).  On
> the other hand its one of those things you just have to accept and get on
> with (or we'd all go mad).  On the mum side you'll always worry about her,
> mine still worries about me, when she moves away, goes out drinking,
> pregnancys the list is endless.  One of the horrible things I used to put my
> mum through when I was a teenager was refusing to eat, quite embarrasing now
> but it was a tool.
> Take care
> Mandy
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