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[IPk] pumps and airport security


Pmps all have enough metal in them that if the sensitivity of a metal 
detector is 'turned up' (something that the FAA--Federal Aviation 
Administration--can dictate in the US; I don't know who's in charge in the 
UK), a pump will set off an alarm.

We had a pretty big thread about airport security experiences in (I think) 
March or April. You might find the post archive/log (available from the 
insulin-pumpers website) a good resource on the topic.

Generally, though, as airport security staff are seeing more pumps, they are 
beginning to recognize them. Several times in my first years of pumping I 
had to show a guard my tubing, even my site, and say loudly, with conviction 
and a smile, 'This is MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, and I MUST have it. If this is 
going to be an issue, I would like to see your supervisor IMMEDIATELY'.  
That usually got me through all right. Sometimes I still need to do that. 
Yet more recently (when in the US), I've had guards say, 'Hey, my 
neighbor/cousin/aunt has one of those!'



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