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Re: [IPk] Various issues

On Thursday 06 June 2002 23:32, you wrote:
> Do you mean that the security devices are picking up the pumps?  If so, do
> the guards know what a pump is?
> Barbara

Occasionally they will set the bleeper off when you go through the metal 
detector. I travel a lot, and only twice have I ever set the bleeper off. 
Last time was last weekend in Lisbon. They frisked me, found the pump, and 
asked me if I could take it off. She knew what it was, saying she had had a 
Scandinavian woman with one the week before, and said she knew they were very 
expensive and that they would be careful. Anyway, I took it off and let her 
put it in a tray and pass it through the Xray machine. No point in making a 
fuss and refusing, since it was perfectly possible to disconnect and the xray 
doesn't hurt it.
Every time a guard has found my pump they've known what it was when I've told 
them it's an insulin pump - all over Europe, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, the 
US......If they don't know, you just tell them it's a medical device and they 
are generally fine with that.
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