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Re: [IPk] Thankyou for welcome

Hi Mandy

I am not a pumper myself but have an 8 year old child with diabetes.  I read
your mail earlier and now on re reading it noticed the bit at the bottom where
you said about frequent hypos and what worked before is not working now. I
just thought I would mention coeliac condition that sometimes occurs with type
1 diabetes.   When my daughter started having hypo after meals, hypos that
were difficult to treat and in fact everything that have previously seemed to
work just didnt.  Sasha was asymptomatic apart from the hypos and strange high
blood sugar levels later on.
It was only talking to another parent whose child has both conditions that I
began to think this was a possibility.
I just wondered if this is what your doctor meant by running some tests. Or
perhaps thyroid problems.  Did he say what the tests were.  Or maybe he was
just stalling about going on a pump.

Anyway I do think you have done really well to cope with 3 children and start
training for something new.  My sister is a midwife too.   Good luck with
getting on the pump and your new career

Mum of Sasha age 8 dx 1999
and 3 other children

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> Thankyou Pat and Di for the warm welcome and interest.  I understand both
> points of view, but for my own sanity I would rather it be sooner than
>  I have lost a lot of confidence in my own ability to control my diabetes in
> the last three years (what worked before my last child was born just doesn't
> work anymore) .  The diabetes team keep saying that my ups and downs are due
> to having to look after three children, although it must have an effect - I
> don't buy it, as my control was good when I had just two children.  The
> hospital I attend does support pump users and they have a 6 month free trial
> before purchasing your own pump but it does seem to me that the process may
> take a lot longer than I would like.  On mentioning my wishes to the doctor
> about trying  the pump  he didn't say anything but now wants to send me for
> some tests to see why I get so many hypos(is this good or bad).  This will
> doubt delay the process even further.
> Take care
> Mandy
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