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Re: [IPk] Various issues

At 17:38 06/06/2002 -0400, email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I'd like to second Babs's plea - how on earth do you select out multiple
>replies?  I've asked the group several times about computery matters, but
>have never had a response - OK, many of you were born using computers, but
>some of us have to be told!


If you mean the process of quoting selected bits of text from the message 
you're replying to, marking them as quoted with a "> " at the beginning of 
the line, and then replying underneath, then that is something that most 
mail programs can do. These mail clients will quote the whole of the 
previous messages, with the "> " marks added. It is then up to you to snip 
out the bits that you don't need to quote, and to add your own comments in 
the appropriate places. Even Microsoft Outlook (spit) can be persuaded to 
do this!

I seem to remember that both you and Babz use the AOL mail client - this 
seems like a hell of a coincidence - so maybe your mail client doesn't do 
what it ought to. I can only suggest going through your Preferences and 
finding a reference to 'quoted text' or somesuch. Shout if you need any 
help. If you switch to another mail client then maybe others can help - for 
instance if you use Eudora I will certainly give as much info as I can.

Anyway, shout for help if you need it.

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