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Re: [IPk] Various issues

oops! could have been scary
This is something that maks me very edgy about travelling to places other
than those where English speakers will be available and where reasonably
civilised health care is in place

Sounds like you were quite calm about things. I'm sure a sense of humour
must have helped

I managed to get my hand luggage searched in Cardiff Airport last month.
Guess what, the metal frame of my purse looked like a pair of scissors. They
were very civilised and professional.Of course I then had to show them all
my DM supplies. I had a letter from my GP which I volunteered but think that
they  probably would have been ok even if I hadn't . I wouldn't risk not
taking it though

Has anyone been through a metal detector and NOT set it off. I'm almost
thinking of disconnecting and putting pump in bag next time but find
reconnecting difficult to do discretely. Plus, always a bit paranoid about
someone snatching bag

Talking about MDI: how did reverting back affect your control.? It's
something that I would always be very reluctant to do, but can see
situations where it would be advantageous such as holidays, not wanting to
get pump nicked on beach or by poolside etc

> I had the good fortune to visit Turkey recently - had some problems
> the country wearing the pump (and guess what, I don't speak Turkish!) but
> eventually managed to communicate the nature of the "phone" to them by
> of hand signals and showing them the site (this is a Muslim country, and I
> think I might have shocked them into letting me go through!).
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