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[IPk] Various issues

Hi folks,
I'd like to second Babs's plea - how on earth do you select out multiple 
replies?  I've asked the group several times about computery matters, but 
have never had a response - OK, many of you were born using computers, but 
some of us have to be told!

In a message dated 6/6/2002 12:29:27 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> One thing also to bear in mind is what people mean when they say 'high
> fat', or 'low fat' - do they mean large ABSOLUTE amounts of fat, etc.,
> or do they mean high or low percentages of fat, etc.?

Contrary to expectations and what's been posted here, pizza isn't necessarily 
a high fat food - especially the veggie ones (I like garlic mushroom and 
onion, excellent if you want to be on your own for a while) - but how to 
define "high fat"?  (Incidentally, eating high fat food is fine as long as 
the average daily fat total is running at about 30% of the ideal calorie 
level.)  Obviously fat affects CHO absorption - how much will vary according 
to the individual.  A tip I use for healthy eating and which also helps with 
planning insulin boluses is to divide the total calorie count by 30, and if 
the fat grams are more than that then it's high fat and I need to give a slow 
release insulin bolus (I do like square wave, suits me fine). For example, a 
pizza portion of 450 cals containing 18g fat will work out as18 x 9 = 162 
cals from fat  =  162/450 = 36% fat, so I need to give a longer duration 
bolus.  Personally I also need to give a 1-1.5 hour square wave bolus for a 
meal containing more than 60g CHO.  My bgs are not affected by protein and 
unsweetened alcoholic drinks such as dry cider and dry white and red wine; I 
was surprised to find that many diabetics experience rise in bg with these, 
but you live and learn and each diabetic has to find out how they are 
affected - don't make assumptions!

I had the good fortune to visit Turkey recently - had some problems exiting 
the country wearing the pump (and guess what, I don't speak Turkish!) but 
eventually managed to communicate the nature of the "phone" to them by lots 
of hand signals and showing them the site (this is a Muslim country, and I 
think I might have shocked them into letting me go through!).  Last year, I 
had to leave the pump off and go back to MDI for the holiday because in very 
hot weather (30 C +) the adhesive wouldn't stick - this year I used Polyskin 
11 (via AMT) under the insertion site and this was fine. I know some of you 
have had similar problems, so hope that might help.

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