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Re: [IPk] low fat

Hi Jackie

Miles is eating alot more 'good carbohydrates' now that he did, but i think 
that is because i have become so obcessed with making sure that each meal 
and snack contains them. When Miles was diagnosed the training we received 
focused on making sure that bread rice pasta etc was always given as this 
was the only way that the blood suagrs would be regulated and i have just 
follwed what they said.
I remember the first hospital visit we had after Miles was discharged the 
consultant has asked me to keep a food diary for a week and he pointed out 
that i had cooked Miles a stir-fry which he presumed to be meat and 
vegetables and basically told me off, when i pointed out that i had added 
pasta shapes with the vegetables and chicken he backed down.

My clinic is so obcessed with filling him up and i am really concerned about 
his weight he seems to be piling it on. i have noted everyones comments 
about young children needing fat in their diet but i also know that over 
weight children normally turn into over weight adults and i dont want that 
for miles.

I need to do alot more reading

i have signed up for the email group you mentioned


From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Re: [IPk] low fat
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 19:18:41 +0100

Hi Joanne

It sounds like you are doing OK.  Is he eating the same sort of amount of 
as before dx?  If so, then what you are doing is probably fine.  Some people
with diabetes swear by a low carb diet others eat "normal"  proportions,
normal  for them that is.  Sasha actually eats a very high carb diet because
she doesn't like meat, eggs or fish very much.  She eats meat if it is 
or sausages.  When we have a roast dinner she eats lots of potatoes, some
boiled, some roast, lots of veggies and either stuffing or Yorkshire pudding
depending on what meat we are having, sometimes a little meat but only tiny
amounts.  Sasha's  A1c is low, last one was 5.5 the previous 3 tests between
6.9 and 5.9 and has never been higher than 7.2.  So if you match the insulin
to the carb intake there should not be a problem.  If you are using mixed
insulin then the best thing to do is just try and keep the carb amount 
in each meal.  If he always eats less carb then you will be giving him less
insulin anyway and he will still be gaining weight and growing because he 
be eating other types of food.  Protein turns to glucose eventually but take
much longer than complex carbs.  Perhaps if you want to know more about that
someone else can explain more fully than I can.

Some people may find that it's harder for them to keep their blood sugars
level if they eat a high carb diet and others like Sasha may find it easier 
a high carb diet because we don't have lots of protein turning into glucose
hours later and spiking the blood sugars.  We sometimes get this effect with
pizza and pasta though I'm not sure if this is because of the fat or the 
she eats with the pasta.

The best thing to do is see what Miles usually eats and in what proportions
and take it from there.

Joanne, by the way there is a new mailing list for UK parents of children 
diabetes if you are interested.

You have to go to the Children with Diabetes website


Go to the column on the left hand side, under a section that says "people"
click on "email" and then you will see the list of e mail support groups,
there is now, since yesterday a new UK link.  I am the new list manager!  I
asked if they would set up a UK link because there is nothing equivalent at
the moment in the UK.  Then you will be able to discuss general experiences
with other uk parents and perhaps school issues.  Then you can stay on this
list too for pump information.  You have to subscribe in the usual way and
then you will get an email asking if you to verify the subscription (this is
so other people cannot subscribe or unsubscribe you) it is very easy to
unsubscribe  if you want to leave the list.

There is only one member on the list as it is so new and that's me.


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Subject: Re: [IPk] low fat

 > I know im relativley new to Diabetes, however I must be really missing 
 > point with regards to the carbohydrates.
 > We have been told that Miles needs to have a diet high in carbohydrates 
 > every meal and snack, we are told to limit the fat intake, but the most
 > important thing is that he is to have a portion of 'good' carbohydrate in
 > all of his meals and snacks thru out the day, is this wrong?
 > Reading some of the postings on here it sounds like you believe that this 
 > wrong, i believed that this was the basis of all diabetecs diets, any 
 > on this would be good.
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