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[IPk] Thankyou for welcome

Thankyou Pat and Di for the warm welcome and interest.  I understand both 
points of view, but for my own sanity I would rather it be sooner than later. 
 I have lost a lot of confidence in my own ability to control my diabetes in 
the last three years (what worked before my last child was born just doesn't 
work anymore) .  The diabetes team keep saying that my ups and downs are due 
to having to look after three children, although it must have an effect - I 
don't buy it, as my control was good when I had just two children.  The 
hospital I attend does support pump users and they have a 6 month free trial 
before purchasing your own pump but it does seem to me that the process may 
take a lot longer than I would like.  On mentioning my wishes to the doctor 
about trying  the pump  he didn't say anything but now wants to send me for 
some tests to see why I get so many hypos(is this good or bad).  This will no 
doubt delay the process even further.

Take care

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