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[IPk] quality of life

It's funny really isn't it. At diagnosis kids are told  " you can do anything
as long as you look after yourself"
when things go pear shaped it's blamed on your irregular schedule, sleeping
times, working times, eating times, activity levels , stress etc etc

Blatant hypocrisy really!

It would be wonderful if many of these people who think that everything is ok
if the A1c is 7 percent or lower ( or automatically blame the patient if it is
high) could step inside the body of someone with DM and experience it for
themself. On injection therapy, unless DM is extremely stable, would others
agree that it is like being a prisoner inside your own body?

I do not see how force feeding prescribed amounts of food at certain times (
even less not carb counting because you have been told it is not necessary or
have never heard of it, thereby adding in yet another variable into variable
BG), with resulting interruption in work, study, social life, inability to
exercise at certain times when insulin is peaking  (after being lectured upon
the importance of exercise), worrying about whether you will be unfit to drive
and carry out your work responsibilities, being singled out as "the diabetic"
, not being able to get a decent nights sleep due to hypos  as a result of
trying to get good control, and at the end of this not knowing whether you
will be protected from complications, judged as inflicting these on yourself
or, perhaps even worse not being adequately motivated by professionals who "
don't believe in being obsessive" or don't want the hassle of scooping you up
off the floor when you are hypo

How can this be considered healthy or normal
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