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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Hello Joanne

Miles definitely needs the same sort of help that Danielle does with regards 
to his blood sugar having to be so high at night.  Last night we were at a 
party and Danielle was allowed cake and other things she does not normally 
have (I weighed up the situation and she was doing a lot of running around).  
Anyway, I tested her blood before she went to bed and she was well above 20.  
To someone else that would seem too drastic and they would want to correct it 
before bed but she was still above 20 after 1 am.  She was 5.4 when she woke 
up this morning!  This is even after changing to Mixtard 40.  I would like 
her to try Mixtard 50 morning and night because I have always been on a 50/50 
split myself and never had any problems at all.

Miles needs his insulin looking at without a doubt.

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