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[IPk] difficulty managing diabetes in children

I cannot believe that the Drs caring for children with DM are so ignorant. I 
was really under the impression that as DM was becoming increasingly 
prevalent in children and adults that more expertise was available. I was 
diagnosed in 1958 at the age of 3,obviously the equipment and blood tests 
available then were practically non existent (1 BG every 3 months and the 
blood was sucked from your finger by a rubber tube!!), but looking back I 
can see why I have survived so long with relatively few complications. Our 
CHO was restricted if you were hungry and neede a snack othe than snack 
times you had cheese or a boiled egg!! The main difference was that there 
was no pre-mixed insulin your dose was tailored accordingly and the 
strenghths of insulin were much weaker too.
I am not saying things were better then, of course they were not, but surely 
now they have come on so far with insulins etc they could lear from the past 
and adopt individualised care for your children I think Abigail has already 
pointed this out.I don't know abbout the dietary advice now I tried the 
Atkins diet but was really worried about the effects of eating so much 
protein on my kidneys etc. My blood sugars remanined around 8 so that really 
convinced me to cover for protein!!I also cannot understand why, if parents 
are meant to be taking on the responsibility of caring for their child with 
DM they cannot bbe respected and treated as equals not frowned upon or 
labelled as over anxious parents if they try something that works Carmel

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