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Re: [IPk] low fat

Hi Joanne
The important thing to remember about diabetes is that in order to have good 
BG levels, your carbohydrate intake and insulin must be balanced. Think of it 
like a pair of scales - carbs on the one side and insulin (and exercise) on 
the other. Of course, there are other factors like stress, but ignore them 
for now. What tends to happen is that the doctors prescribe a fixed amount of 
insulin, and then tell you to match the carbohydrate intake to that fixed 
amount of insulin. This means that if you don't have enough carbs at a meal, 
you'll go low, so they advise you to have plenty of carbs at each meal.
It is, however, perfectly possible to alter the amount of insulin you take, 
so that you can eat the amount of carbohydrate you want, and take an 
appropriate matching amount of insulin. So, if you only want to eat 1 slice 
of toast instead of 2 for breakfast, you might take 1 less unit of insulin.
Many consultants feel that this is too complicated, especially for children, 
and that they're better having fixed amounts of insulin and therefore carbs.
The other main point is that in order to maintain a healthy weight and 
lifestyle, people (in general, not just diabetics) are advised to eat high 
carbohydrate, low fat meals. This a\dvice is extended to diabetics. Though, 
as people have already pointed out on here, eating low fat meals is not 
necessarily to be recommended for children. So, there's a dichotomy going 
The other factor to throw into the equation is the type of insulin regime you 
are on. Many children are put on 1 or 2 injections a day of pre-mixed 
insulin, because it is thought to be easier, and to minimise the number of 
injections. With pre-mixed insulin, it's difficult to adjust the dose 
according to the food, because you can't alter the short-acting part without 
altering the long-acting part. That's why I personally think that pre-mixed 
insulins (which didn't exist when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago) are the 
spawn of the devil!

Having said all that, it may not be a bad thing for Miles to have a high 
carbohydrate diet, but I wouldn't worry too much about it being low fat. The 
only thing to bear in mind is that if you mix high fat and high carbohydrate 
in the same meal (e.g. pizza), his BGs are likely to remain higher for 
longer, because the addition of fat slows down the absorption of carbs.

Personally, I find my BG levels easier to control and I feel better when I 
don't have too much carbohydrate, but that's just me. It's not necessarily 
the same for everyone. I still try to eat low fat, however, and generally 
replace most of the "heavy" carbs (like rice, potatoes etc) with "lighter" 
carbs such as vegetables and protein. So instead of having sandwiches for 
lunch, I have a salad with maybe half a potato or a spoonful of rice, plenty 
of protein and plenty of salad or vegetables. I'm not suggesting that 
everyone should eat like that, but that's what works for me.

Sorry for shouting. Everyone is individual, and what works for one person 
(diabetic or not) doesn't work for everyone. Unfortunately, most of the 
medical profession is blissfully unaware of this fact!
Hope that helps

On Wednesday 05 June 2002 07:45, you wrote:
> I know im relativley new to Diabetes, however I must be really missing the
> point with regards to the carbohydrates.
> We have been told that Miles needs to have a diet high in carbohydrates in
> every meal and snack, we are told to limit the fat intake, but the most
> important thing is that he is to have a portion of 'good' carbohydrate in
> all of his meals and snacks thru out the day, is this wrong?
> Reading some of the postings on here it sounds like you believe that this
> is wrong, i believed that this was the basis of all diabetecs diets, any
> advice on this would be good.
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