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Re: [IPk] low fat

Hi Joanne -

First, it's useful for you to know that it takes on average 17 years for new 
medical developments to make it into clinical practice. So the change of 
thinking your read about in a diabetes newsletter or the BMJ might not make  
it to your clinic for over a decade - or longer.

For example, my clinic still advises people to eat a starchy diet because, 
they say, these are slow acting carbs. However, research into the glycaemic 
impact of food (ie, how quickly it raises the blood sugar of someone without 
diabetes) demonstrates quite clearly that starches are some of the fastest 
acting carbs around! So, a slice of bread would be more effective in raising 
BG quickly than a good quality, high fat chocolate bar, although many people 
(and medics) would reach for the chocolate because 'it has sugar in'. In 
fact, one of the fastest acting foods is cooked parsnip. Try carrying that 
for hypos ;-)

For more information on glycaemic research, visit www.medosa.com - Rick 
Mendosa is a type II diabetic who has become quite an expert on this topic.

Because Miles is on one shot a day, you need to try to match the action of 
his food to the curve of his insulin. You may find the glycaemic index very 
useful in making better food choices for him in order to avoid highs and 


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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