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[IPk] low fat

I agree with Pat and Elizabeth
too much emphasis on "healthy" and disregard for the fact that the only way in
which a person with DM can be considered remotely healthy is optimised BG
which depends on adequate basal insulin and food and insulin matching

Too much horror expressed by dieticians for enjoying full fat cheese which in
moderation is a good source of several nutrients and part of a healthy diet,
while forgetting that it is DM which shortens life not a balanced diet

Too much emphasis on lipid lowering therapies rather than optimization of
glycaemic control

As long as 12 years ago a dietician expressed concern that I was eating meat
or cheese in my sandwhiches, but was pleased that I was not forgoing pastry,
despite the fact that I was poorly instructed in altering insulin according to
carb and would probably end up hyper after eating the latter
( which would also be high in fat as well as carb and without some of the
other nutrients in cheeses and meat)

I think we've gone " carb mad'  . While I don't take a Bernstein approach to
meal planning ( as little as 30g/ day), I rarely have more than 60 g with a
meal and have recently started having less carb for lunch

Has anyone heard of the Atkins diet. This is very low carb, high fat and I'm
sure not nutritionally sound or good for the coronary arteries. But people
have undoubtedly lost weight from it
I'm sure it's just a matter of common sense and balance, and moderation.
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