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Re: diabetic diet myth, was [IPk] one injection per day

I second Pat's comments about 'diabetic diet'. I am also concerned that 
young children are being put on low fat diets. Children need more fat in 
their diets than adults: fat is essential to proper nervous system 
development and for the proper absorption and use of fat soluble vitamins. 
Unless your child has some condition (other than diabetes) that necessitates 
a low fat diet, I would very strenuously question the prescription of a low 
fat diet.

It has occured to me that children might be put on low fat because lipids 
are raised at diagnosis - but this is part and parcel of uncontrolled 
diabetes. Once blood sugars are stabilised, lipid levels will naturally 
fall. If your child is eating a healthy diet by modern standards and they 
have raised cholesterol, question how well their diabetes is actually 
controlled and discuss with your doctor whether there may be some other 
condition keeping the lipids high.


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