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[IPk] reuse

Hi Allan,

You do mean that you reuse the tubing, not the infusion set? The infusion 
set, as far as I know, means the subcutaneous cannula and the plastic bit 
(attached to adhesive) that connects to the tubing on the surface of your 

Plastic tubing can be reused safely without sterilization (or, at least, the 
fact that the Tender/Silhouette sets are available in 'combo' packs so that 
one can reuse tubing would suggest there is no health risk in doing so. I've 
never gotten an infection that way). Or do you actually keep your insertion 
needles and reuse your cannulas? If you do reuse cannulas, how do you manage 
to keep them in? My adhesive is usually shot after about 4 days. Further, 
the bit of clear plastic that covers the spot where the cannula goes in has 
normally deteriorated quite a lot by then. I have thought putting Tegaderm 
or something like it over a set might work to keep it in, but the big 
problem might be that sweat, which can normally be 'breathed' through the 
adhesive that comes attached to the set, could be sealed in. I'm sure the 
result would not be pretty or sterile.

I tend to reuse my reservoir syringes until the paint's worn off, in all 
honesty. The important thing is to keep the needle that attaches to the 
syringe from getting dirty. I once had to bin a whole vial of insulin 
because a speck of something had made its way from the bit of the needle 
that screws to the syringe into the vial. I reuse my tubing a maximum of 
three times because I find it tends to kink more easily the more it's used. 
If stretch my tubing taut (vertically) before I attach the newly (re!)filled 
reservoir, I can drain out most of the old insulin and the accompanying air 
pockets that tend to take up residence in my tubing after a few days (those 
last pesky bubbles I just can't get out of the reservoir have to go 

IDDM 8 years; MiniMed pumper almost 6 years

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However, I use the infusion set many times. I change it every 2/3 days and 
rinse current one with surgical spirit and store for re-use. There's been no 
infections or other adverse reactions with this technique and it 
dramatically cuts the cost. Also, I refill the reservoirs 3 or 4 times and, 
so far, there's no sign of sticking. With these economies I can afford the 
monthly cost and without them I certainly couldn't.

Allan, T1 for 47 years, pumping for 1 year.

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