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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Jo, give the extra and tell them you did and what happened next (only 1 or 2
units at first). They can't take insulin away from you!

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From: "JOANNE CHALLIS-BAILEY" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] one injection per day

> Hi Jackie
> Miles has been diagnosed for 2 years now and has been on one injection of
> 30/70 for all of that time.
> When i question the consultant about trying different mixes i get told
> they dont want to change it as in the last 2 years his HB1a has alwys been
> which they are happy with for a child of his age.
> We have our appt in july and i have a list of questions and suggestions
> now miles willbe starting school in sept i want to know what they are
> planning to do.
> We dont even have any insulin to give miles if they are off the scale we
> just have to stick with the one a day, the only time we can give fast
> is if he is ill and has ketones with the high readings. I read what you
> other parents say about giving an extra jab if your child is high or wants
> to eat and think why cant we do that. Its not even if Miles moans about
> jabs he takes them really well, and is now testing his own sugars.
> jo
> From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
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> Subject: Re: [IPk] one injection per day
> Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 10:07:40 +0100
> Hi Joanne
> I do feel for you and know several mothers at my clinic where this is
> happening to their child too.  I just dont understand why they cannot do
> something about it.  In most other countries they dont use mixed (pre
> that is) for children or adults.  They special use a dose for that child
> drawing it up in  a syringe.  By using pen devices which are convenient
> easy
> to use I feel that the diabetes teams seem to be taking the lazy way out
> not adjusting doses to suit the child or the situation (in honeymoon still
> for
> example).  I have yet to meet anyone who is having problemsbeing shown how
> to
> use a syringe but there is no reason why Miles couldn't try  a different
> of
> insulin.  Mixtard 40/60 has more short acting to  cover the breakfast meal
> and
> less long acting so that Miles should not continue to drop in the
> If Miles has to go to be with levels of 18 mmols this is not right at all
> my opinion.  (only a lay person)  It means that he has high levels for too
> long unnecessarily.  There is also mixtard 50/50 which has even more short
> acting.  Only by trying different ones can you see which  may be right.
> We did have a good year on Mixtard 30 but then changed to 40 which was
> better
> at the time.  Of course a lot depends on the age of your child and how
> they eat.  If they are young and picky eaters then more long acting is
> probably the reason for them using mix 10 as it will cover the grazing
> through
> the day.
> Did they give you a reason why they wont change things.  At one time our
> pead
> was reluctant to change things as Sasha HbA1c was 7.2  so he thought thats
> fine, which it is but what he couldnt see and didnt have to live with was
> the
> huge highs post meals and the huge drops at night and the fact that if you
> increase the insulin you end up with more of both sorts when you only want
> more short or long acting.
> One thing you can do to see if you can get better post meal levels is to
> make
> sure that you do always give the insulin 20 if not 30 minutes before the
> meal.
> If the sugars are higher than about 6.5 we used to have to give Sasha the
> insulin much earlier than that.  Occasionally some children are very
> sensitive to Mixtard or Actrapid and you may not have to give them it so
> ahead but this is usually not the case.
> We really had the best, most predictable results when I separated the
> insulin
> and gave separate Insulatard and Novorapid.  We did use Actrapid
> too, before we got Novorapid.  Insulatard is the longer lasting element of
> mixtard.  So Mixtard is just Actrapid and Insulatard mixed together in
> different proportions like Mixtard 10, 30 ,40 ,50
> Good luck with your quest for a pump.  I forget how long Miles has had D
> for.
> If your very unhappy, document why you are not happy go to see your GP and
> show
> him that you dont think he is receiving the best attention.  It doesn't
> matter
> if the A1c is good it not nice for Miles to feel unwell at times because
> blood sugar is too high and then too low.  Your GP may refer you to
> clinic.    It may be that you need to go to another clinic if you decide
> seriously go for pumping.
> Jackie
> The only thing
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> From: "JOANNE CHALLIS-BAILEY" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: 03 June 2002 09:10
> Subject: Re: [IPk] one injection per day
>  > Barbara,
>  >
>  > Miles is on the 30/70 mix and his reading are exactly the same as
> Danielle,
>  > once he has breakfast its in the 20's, then no mid morning snack, small
> amt
>  > of lunch but then in the afternoon he either has a hypo or sugars go
>  > enough that i have to feed him. Im sure this is contributing to Miles
> being
>  > a big child, i  seem to be feeding the lows in the afternoon.
>  >
>  > I know that he only eats low fat high in carbohydrate food but i think
> is
>  > the quantity of food.
>  >
>  > i cannot let Miles go to bed with suagrs any less that 18 otherwise he
> will
>  > hypo, this cant be right but they wont change anything, I am contacting
>  > Minimed today so they can send me the video.
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