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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

I fear that you have swallowed the 'diabetic diet' myth unquestioningly.  

The FIRST priority for diabetic and diet is not 'low fat', but 'matching
the insulin requirements'.  So if he needs a long-acting lunch, that's
what he should have.  Of course, changing the insulin is a better option
if it controvenes the second priority ....

SECOND priority is 'healthy eating'.  For a child, this is rarely 'low
fat'.  'Healthy' means 'for mind' as well as 'for body': so if it is
mentally healthy to eat what others eat (and I think it often is!),
then, providing that the FIRST priority, that the insulin and food
should be in balance, is met, then eat what others eat.  With
carbohydrate or calorie assessment and multiple injections or a pump,
healthy eating can be accomplished without contravening the first
priority.  If you are stuck with a mixed insulin, healthy eating is
probably not possible: you just have to eat whatever is necessary to
keep the balance with the insulin.

A rather different view from the usual medical advice, but one that
makes sense to me, and underpins pumping.

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+, matching food to insulin 30+, and insulin to food 10+

In message <email @ redacted>, JOANNE CHALLIS-
BAILEY <email @ redacted> writes
>Miles is on the 30/70 mix and his reading are exactly the same as Danielle, 
>once he has breakfast its in the 20's, then no mid morning snack, small amt 
>of lunch but then in the afternoon he either has a hypo or sugars go low 
>enough that i have to feed him. Im sure this is contributing to Miles being 
>a big child, i  seem to be feeding the lows in the afternoon.
>I know that he only eats low fat high in carbohydrate food but i think it is 
>the quantity of food.
>i cannot let Miles go to bed with suagrs any less that 18 otherwise he will 
>hypo, this cant be right but they wont change anything, I am contacting 
>Minimed today so they can send me the video.
>From: email @ redacted
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPk] one injection per day
>Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 18:06:05 EDT
>Hello Jackie
>You don't seem to come across as a timid person.  You have so much knowledge
>and you really should use that to your advantage.
>My sister has been staying with me (she's diabetic too!) for the last few
>days because my husband is away and I am a scaredy cat.  She said "It's
>obvious Danielle is on the wrong type of insulin".  I said "Just wait till 
>get the pump and then there will only be one 'type'.  I don't know whether 
>change her insulin meanwhile or whether to wait for the pump to sort it out.
>I tried Danielle on the 40/60 mix at night and I thought it was working ok
>until yesterday when she went to bed at 24.5 and still continued to eat
>afterwards because she was starving and then woke up at 2.7 and staring into
>space!  I was having this problem on the 30/70 so I changed it.  She hasn't
>had a hypo since though.  She is on the 30/70 in the morning but as soon as
>she eats her breakfast, her bg goes off the scale.  She can never have a
>morning snack and she is touch and go for lunch.  She stays very high until
>about tea time when she has ran it all off.  I ask her to skip, bike ride 
>run until she is out of breath.  That is the only way to bring it down for
>her.  I can't wait for the pump so that we can get it straight.
>Where are you from again?  Sorry if you have already told me.
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Pat Reynolds
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