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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Hi Barbara

At the moment I am having a rest after struggling to get a coeliac diagnosis
and getting used to the diet and all.  I have had a few issues with my own
health as I have rheumatoid arthritis (developed the same time as Sasha was
developing D).  Until this Christmas just gone, I was doing fine with the
medication that I was on but since then I have had problems again and I am
seeing rhematologists and changing medication.  I have just about got back on
an even keel again.  As long as I take the medication I am find now but I am
still altering doses and having to have monthly blood tests to monitor the
effects of the tablets.  I don't feel ready to tackle something else just at
the moment. Also since we have changed the insulin to Novorapid and separated
the Insulatard and give it later things have improved so much that at present
we are having really good results.  I know that all can change again in a few
weeks or months.  I am sure that for most people the pump is a brilliant
option and I can see that it would bring much more flexibility to life.  I am
hanging on a bit and will see what happens when and if this other parents gets
very far with out diabetes team.  It's very hard when they just tell you
negative things and you know that they will not support you.  Our hospital is
only five minutes down the road and convenient and also the hospital that she
would have to go to in an emergency so I feel that I have to be careful not to
make enemies.
If I was not getting such good results on the present regimen then I would
think about going for it soon.  I would like Sasha to be slightly older to be
able to take on more responsibility for the pump as the school are not very
good at all with some issues.  She is in a huge class at school and despite
the fact every thing is written down I feel that they have already made some
very bad errors.  They have this thing at school about children taking on
responsibilities and I do think that they just forget or do not realise that
if Sasha is low then she may not be able to be responsible for herself.    I
know that the school would not touch the pump or want the responsibility to
oversee a bolus.

Anyway you can keep me updated all the time which will be a great help for the


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> Hello again Jackie
> I have just had a thought.  Why don't you do what I have done and then we
> compare notes so that you can then advise your diabetes support group?  You
> know I Danielle's diabetes nurse for approval and then rang Minimed.  They
> told me that I needed my nurse's approval first and then they passed my name
> and details on to the Minimied nurse for our area.  We are waiting for the
> visit.
> You could do this too.  Otherwise, I can update you on what is happening and
> this might give you some confidence.
> Barbara
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