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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Hello Jackie

You don't seem to come across as a timid person.  You have so much knowledge 
and you really should use that to your advantage.

My sister has been staying with me (she's diabetic too!) for the last few 
days because my husband is away and I am a scaredy cat.  She said "It's 
obvious Danielle is on the wrong type of insulin".  I said "Just wait till we 
get the pump and then there will only be one 'type'.  I don't know whether to 
change her insulin meanwhile or whether to wait for the pump to sort it out.

I tried Danielle on the 40/60 mix at night and I thought it was working ok 
until yesterday when she went to bed at 24.5 and still continued to eat 
afterwards because she was starving and then woke up at 2.7 and staring into 
space!  I was having this problem on the 30/70 so I changed it.  She hasn't 
had a hypo since though.  She is on the 30/70 in the morning but as soon as 
she eats her breakfast, her bg goes off the scale.  She can never have a 
morning snack and she is touch and go for lunch.  She stays very high until 
about tea time when she has ran it all off.  I ask her to skip, bike ride and 
run until she is out of breath.  That is the only way to bring it down for 
her.  I can't wait for the pump so that we can get it straight.

Where are you from again?  Sorry if you have already told me.

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