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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Hello Joanne

What I did was, I phoned our diabetes nurse and told her that I would like 
Danielle to go on the pump and she told me that there were no other children 
on pumps but when I explained that the pump company do all the training and 
give the back-up, she said "ok, we will still see her at clinic".  I must 
admit it left me a bit worried that I had to go it alone until the nurse rang 
me from the pump company and she is specialised in diabetes and especially 
with the pump and diabetes combined.  She will come to our house and she will 
visit our diabetes nurse and consultant to train them up.  Rather than take 
up too much extra time, she can combine it with one of the clinics (but not 
necessarily Danielle's appointment).

I found that Danielle's nurse was too scared to commit herself to a meeting 
without the consultant's approval, so I rang John from Input and he said he 
would get someone from the pump company to talk on the phone to our 
consultant and if not, he would ring him himself.

There are ways to do it so please don't be put off by anything.  You only 
have to watch the Minimed video to see what I mean.  I applied to Minimed for 
an information pack and they sent me a video.  By the time I was 1/4 of the 
way through it, I decided I had to go for the pump.  I let my daughter watch 
it with me and she smiled all the way through it and that told me I had to 
act now.

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