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Re: [IPk] Re: glucowatch

>As an arch-sceptic who took part in a little trial which showed the
>less than perfect blood-glucose monitoring of the continuous glucose

Is diabetes not all about making vague guesses and predictions based on
imperfect data?

Worth noting that if the new GlucoWatch is as reliable as we hope, and if
your skin can tolerate its being worn almost constantly (both big ifs I
accept) then we already have the main components for a self-controlling
automated system - the proverbial "artificial pancreas".

The next version of the watch might contain a similar chip to the MiniMed
508 remote control, and "broadcast" the bg estimation to the pump. If the
pump contains some new software, it can use that information to make
constant adjustments.

I accept that the software would not be simple, but, with appropriate
caution, it could make good use of the data. We might still have to
manually program a bolus when we eat - since it might be somewhat late to
wait for the bg to rise before bolussing - but I would be more than happy
to let my pump take over the constant tweaking and fiddling with basal

Or am I missing something here?


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