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RE: [IPk] High morning BG's

>Do you find that you get less hypo warnings generally with the pump
>or was this a first?

This was first time I have gone gaga while awake and sober...

In general, I get very clear early warnings of a lowish blood sugar 
(inability to concentrate etc) and can discretely take a few glucose 

In this case, the preceding hypo had dulled the warnings for the next 
hypo. And the unfamiliarity and stress of the occasion must have 
masked my awareness.

>I did my first long drive since going on the pump last week - 4 hrs from
>Swansea to Sheffield and I found myself wanting to stop what seemed like
>every 30 mins to test my Bg's!  As it was I stopped about hourly but
>thankfully my readings were nice and steady.


>On the subject of the early morning highs, I approached both my hospital and
>my pump nurse at the end of last week and have got myself a 3-day stint on
>the Minimed subcutaneous sensor, which I am currently in the middle of.  I
>come off it on Thursday morning and I can't wait to see what the results
>are.  I really wish wish I could see what it's doing in 'real-time'.  My
>pump nurse has told me that this may well be a likely improvement to the
>next generation of sensor.  I'm not sure I'd want to wear one again in very
>hot weather like we're having just now - things do get a bit clammy!!

How did it all go? Do let us know!


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