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Re: [IPk] Re: glucowatch

> I am very curious about the glucowatch.
> As an arch-sceptic who took part in a little trial which showed the
> less than perfect blood-glucose monitoring of the continuous glucose
> monitor (John Neale asked me to write this up for the IP web page, but
> pressure of work has prevented me from doing so so far), I can't help
> asking at least, what is known about the accuracy (or otherwise) of the
> glucowatch? 

The same thought occurred to me last night, because I used the Minimed
continuous glucose sensor about 6 weeks ago, and finally got the results back
yesterday. On 2 out of the 3 days, there was a note at the top saying that,
basically, you shold interpret the results with caution because they didn't
correspond very well with the meter readings I had taken.
On one day in particular, I had problems with my infusion set and my meter
showed a reading of 20, whereas the glucose sensor only showed a reading of
about 12! It did show that on the first night I was continuously hypo from 11pm
till 4am, when my BG then shot up to 12 by 7am (despite my normal basal
increase from 1.0 to 1.3 between 3 and 8am). I don't know if that was a rebound
from the hypo or just an extra effective dawn effect, or both. But I was
blissfully unaware of any hypos in the night.
After seeing the results of the sensor though, I'm very interested in the idea
of a glucowatch.
On the Cygnus website there is some information about accuracy I believe.
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