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[IPk] Re: glucowatch

have just started reading my emails again after a week away at a
conference in Toronto.

I am very curious about the glucowatch.
As an arch-sceptic who took part in a little trial which showed the
less than perfect blood-glucose monitoring of the continuous glucose
monitor (John Neale asked me to write this up for the IP web page, but
pressure of work has prevented me from doing so so far), I can't help
asking at least, what is known about the accuracy (or otherwise) of the
glucowatch?  do all its low measurements correspond to real hypos? 
does it have any calibration problems?  is it generally accurate for
high and low end readings as well as those in the middle of the blood
glucose range?  are there reports of people walking around with two
glucowatches checking that they agree with one another over an extended
I am not looking to criticize, and I will be delighted to hear that all
the answers to these questions are yes, but I just think that we need
to be very wary about new equipment.

Incidentally one paper presented at the conference (by a good friend
with whom I talked about it afterwards) was entitled "PET imaging of
serotonin-IA receptors in Type 2 diabetes: evidence of increased
binding" - this research was prompted by the fact that people with
diabetes (type 1 or 2 - not clear that the fact that the subjects in
this study were type 2 was significant) have a higher rate of
depression than the general population - serotonin system is involved
in the pathophysiology of depression.  The subjects in the study were
'healthy' (no known diabetes complications, no clinical depression.
Findings suggested that the hippocampus may be vulnerable to
diabetes-induced changes that could translate into a vulnerability to
depression - it is really just preliminary research - interesting
though hardly cheering news, but not verified at this point.


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