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Re: [IPk] glucowatch

According to Cygnus it's 350 pounds  for the thing, not 250.

They also say on their website it will only be released to patients who are
under the care of a selected group of consultants, but that is likely to change
later this year from what I understand.

Oh, and they also say "most people get minor irritation (lasting a few days) at
the site."

but it still sounds fantastic - especially having the high and low BG alert
(though that does seem to have quite a high error rate still)

 On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, you wrote:
> Hi thanks for your reply.
> Regarding the glocowatch it is true.  you have found out the cost is #250.00
> and a box of the autosensor's cost #50.00 for a box of 16 that works out to
> #3.12 1/2p each time you use one and one pad works for 15 hours only.
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