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RE: [IPk] chocolate

> elizabeth - I promise to eat proper food. Julia criticised me for eating
> chocolate last week. I said why shouldn't I, and she said because its
> fattening. But I'm not fat... Well, because it's nice. Aha. Do women always
> take the view that if it's nice, it must be wrong???
> John

Well I can think of half a dozen reasons why not to eat chocolate - not least of
which is because it doesn't mix well with Humalog (for some people anyway)  :-)
None of them are because it's nice though :-)
Mainly because "proper food" is more healthy, and I think with DM we need all
the help we can get when it comes to staying healthy - particularly in terms of
the heart. But that doesn't mean you should never eat chocolate :-)
Actually I used to be a big chocolate fan until I decided it wasn't a healthy
occupation - these days I can go for weeks without even thinking about it,
let alone eating it. 
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