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RE: [IPk] High morning BG's

>Is there anything I can do to prevent this
incident ever recurring? Or should I give up driving totally?

Now I _know_ you're still very shaken by this!

I don't think you should necessarily give up driving. I think, instead, you
should see if you can change your traveling habits. Now, this assumes that
you're the sort of person who can eat chunks of cheese and meat with no
bread, or with low carb vegetable sticks. It's the small amounts in, small
amounts out theory: if you don't need that much insulin because you're not
eating lots of carbohydrates, you're much less likely to drop your blood
sugar quickly. And if you're eating cheese and meat on a long drive, the
longer-term conversion of part of the protein to glucose will help maintain
your BGs. And, strictly speaking, you'll be a lot healthier on a travel diet
of cheese, meat and vegetables than on one of chocolate! But everyone
develops horrible eating habits when travelling. Doing the above probably
means planning ahead by packing a picnic instead of just eating out of
travel stops. But it's probably worth doing - in fact, I know it's worth
doing, because when we were in England recently I was priveledged to eat
half a bowl of thickened salt water in a rest stop. They called it vegetable

On the bright side, at least you're the sort of person who would re-evaluate
whether they should be driving after an event like this. I know a few people
with diabetes who wouldn't give it a second thought. That's truly
frightening, and I'd much rather you were on the road than them!

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