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RE: [IPk] High morning BG's

>That's terrifying, John. I'm glad to hear you're all ok - but I bet you're
>still a bit shaken. At least Julia had the presence of mind to grab the
>steering wheel. I don't know if I would have because I'm not very good at
>responding quickly in cars.

Does anyone know the best way to bring a car safely to a halt? My wife
removed the ignition key, applied the handbrake, and took control of the
wheel as best she could. But of course, I was in the way, and had my foot
stiff on the accelerator.

>Out of curiosity, did you test?

Yes I had. Every 2 hours. The previous test had been 2 hours earlier, and
6.5. But I had been playing fast and loose with chocolate, insulin and
shitty travel food, so I must accept the blame. Trouble is, if I run high
while driving, I feel very tired and sleepy - which is almost as dangerous.

>How low did you drop?

I'd recovered within a few minutes, and showed 2.9 on the meter.

I've done a lot of long distance driving in the past, without incident. Our
present needs are adequately served by bicycle and public transport, so we
just hire a car as necessary. Is there anything I can do to prevent this
incident ever recurring? Or should I give up driving totally?

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