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Re: [IPk] temp basals and illness

>To continue John's thread about high BGs predicting illness, I was 
> >wondering
>how other people deal with changing their basals when they're ill.


Maybe the theory is easier than the practice on this one!  I mean, we all 
must have read/been told about increasing insulin for illnesses, but how 
does anyone actually know how much more insulin they'll need, how long 
they'll be ill for and whether or not they'll plummet down to something 
frightening when they get better?

I do the same as you Di, and just keep pushing in those injections or 
boluses as I think I need them.  Not that I get ill that much, either!  I 
sometimes wonder whether having to put up with the effects of this WONDERFUL 
disease makes us so resilient that we think that all those coughs and sniffs 
that send lesser mortals to their beds are nothing to write home 

Hope everyone has a good weekend


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