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[IPk] temp basals and illness

To continue John's thread about high BGs predicting illness, I was wondering
how other people deal with changing their basals when they're ill.

I don't seem to get any warning of high BGs before I'm ill - in fact, I think
the opposite is true - my Bg stays normal for the first day or so of being ill,
and only after that do I seem to need more insulin. On Tuesday afternoon I cam
down with a stomach bug. I spent Tuesday evening vomiting, and tested my Bg at
2.1......which was a bit of a nightmare as I really didn't want to eat or drink
anyything, but I knew I couldn't rely on just suspending my pump with a BG that
low. Anyway, my BG levels were fine until the following afternoon, when they
started to go up. I increased my basals by 0.2 units around the clock, but
still spent the next 2 days high. Then this morning I woke up with a BG of 3.5.
I'm not ill that often, but when I am, I hve absolutely no idea how much I
should increase my insulin by, and how long for. I guess I should have
increased it more sooner - but then I would have woken this morning with
something horrendously low. Or do you just increase it with caution, and take a
lot of high Bg boluses as needed (which is what I tend to do)?
Of course, I know it will differ for everybody, but just wondering if anyone
had any useful advice.
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