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Re: [IPk] High morning BG's

> My BG's are fine throughout the day, but I am waking up with BG's in double
> figures most mornings (this morning being the worst at 16.8! but no
> ketones).  My hospital are not very experienced with pumps and their advice
> was to 'play around with your basals'.  I have done this and have raised my
> basal by 0.1 to 1.3/hr for 3.5 hours before waking.  I have been trying to
> adjust the basal for about a fortnight now and each change sees good results
> for the day or 2 after the adjustment, but then the readings start to climb
> again.
> It doesn't do it every day though - yesterday my BG on waking was 5.1 - just
> where I want it :o)
> Has anyone else experienced anything similar?  What worked?

Hi Liz
I too have a lot of problems with my morning reading, although it's miles
better than when on MDI.
Have you looked closely at what you're eating the night before, and what time
you're eating it?
Eating close to bedtime usually results in a high waking BG for me, no matter
what I do with my basal rates. Eating protein late at night doesn't help either.
On the other hand, exercising or drinking in the evening has the opposite
effect, and can drop my BGs like a stone in the night.
Also things like stress seem to have more of an impact on my nighttime Bgs than
my daytime ones.
You might also want to check (if you haven't already) exactly what's going on
in the middle of the night. It's possible you're going low and rebounding, or
that you're actually going high in the first part of the night rather than
shortly before you wake up.
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