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Hi Eric -

First, please feel free to turn off your caps lock key :-).  I have a 508,
and I'm very attached to it (pun not intentional!). I particularly like the
split bolus feature. You can program a certain amount of insulin to be
delivered immediately, and a certain amount to be delivered over, say, the
next hour, or whatever time you set (in half hour intervals). I like the
fact that you can store three different basal profiles, and you can switch
between them rather than having to reprogram the pump if there's a change in
your basal insulin need. There's a backlight to make it easier to see what
your're doing in the dark. And of course, for those who are exercised by
these things, there are four fashion colours to choose from. If you want to
call 'medical-appliance white' a fashion colour. The other colours are teal,
blue and charcoal/black. What colour have you been blessed with?

I also like the audio bolus feature. There's a remote, which I don't use
that much, but other people use it frequently.

Let us know how you get on, and feel free to ask any questions, no matter
how basic or silly they may seem. We've all had the same questions before!

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