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Re: [IPk] Infection and high bg

>Yes!  I'll run high before a cold, and I also have a theory that I run high
>before NOT getting a bug.  For example, the other week my husband had a
>throwing up bug, which I managed not to catch, but the day before and the
>day that he had it I had a nasty "virus" feeling with a bad taste in the
>mouth and BGs in the teens for no apparent reason.  Maybe it's the stress of
>fighting off the bugs - successfully or otherwise.

I don't believe I've ever actually used this "early warning" to my
advantage (I'm going to get flu tomorrow, so I'll go out today and do the
shopping...) - but it's nice to know we might have some small advantage
over people without diabetes :-)

>Hope you're feeling better now

A lot better thank you. But my appetite is not fully restored.


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