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Re: [IPk] audio bolus on the Minimed 508

>How long are the batteries meant to last mine seem to last exactly 3 wks
>no matter what I do I very rarely use remote in fact I know I didn;t use
>it in the last 3 wks to see if it made any difference do You think having
>a higer basal rate thereby using more clks makes any difference ? Carmel

Carmel - my theory, and it's nothing more than a theory, is that while
light and sound do consume power, most of the battery power is used up with
the physical work of driving the plunger in and pushing all that insulin
through the system. So if you use twice as much insulin as me, your battery
may only last half as long, if you follow...

Sadly I haven't a clue how long my batteries last! So I can't test this
theory. Convenient eh?


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